Sunday, 31 August 2014

Courthouse steps update and thinking of new project….

I am surprising myself how much I like these blocks.  I was so sure I would not like it being totally scrappy.  Its good to try something different you might surprise yourself too
I haven't decided on the layout of the blocks yet but I can see myself now making these blocks for a long time and making a few quilts (you know I have enough strips from those bags to make many quilts!) with different layouts.  The lighter shirtings really are making a difference in the quilt, problem is I don't have a lot of them and shirtings are not easy to find.  I hear that there a few new lines coming out soon  but I am determined to use what I have for this quilt.  I will be repeating the shirtings a lot and I am fine with that for this quilt the darks are going to be what you see first.
As I am working on these blocks I have been making some rail fence blocks too I will put them up on the wall next post .

I am always thinking of what I want to make next, this picture shows what I am thinking of!
Harvey by Miss Rosie quilt company .  I really wanted to use a grey background and thought this  Dottie, polka dots from Moda, would be the perfect choice, wasn't sure I could go really dark so I bought 3 different ones and once again I surprised myself the dark has to be the background!

Hope you find time in your sewing room this week…..

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

courthouse step scrappy quilt and other scrappy quilt starts!

To help use up some of my 1.5" strips I started making a few blocks, I have wanted to make a few log cabin style quilts for awhile, this is a courthouse step block  will be 7" F
I am purposely trying to use light shirtings or lighter then I normally do to give the quilt a lighter look.  Will see how this experiment works after I have another 20 blocks done or so.
Working totally scrappy meaning each strip is a different fabric was hard at first, I wanted to match each side with the same fabric (YES i have a control scrappy plan normally.) but this time I decided to give it a try and do very scrappy.

Then I started thinking maybe I should just whip up another rail fence quilt like this one I made and was published by American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine in August 2011.  The way they photograph quilts always makes the quilts look so amazing in mho!    remember this quilt of mine???

I whipped up a few of these blocks but decided on this one go dark with just a few fabrics that will sparkle…. what do you think?

the fabrics are darker just too light in here now to get a great picture…easy quilt to make and a great way to use up more of these strips.
thought it would make a fun back for a quilt too!

I have a few more quilts planned with those bags of strips!  stay tuned. THANK YOU for  all your suggestions btw.

Have you visited Teresa's blog, Fabric Therapy, to see all those amazing quilt show pictures??? check out the last few posts to see them all.  I was impressed.
Always love when Anna has a post at Woolie Mammoth she  posts pictures from quilt shops, show and tell and quilt shows in her area, always fun to see, make a cup of tea or iced tea and make sure you go back and visit a lot of her older posts too, its a quilt show in the comfort of your own home!

Still trying to decide on my next big quilt,  appliqué  or pieced?  I am having a hard time getting started on any appliqué projects, can't figure out why.  I have one in mind, prepped the first block and haven't taken a stitch yet.  crazy I know….maybe it needs to be winter, I do more hand work in the winter.

Monday, 25 August 2014

nine patches

I find my go to block is a nine patch when I just want to sit and sew or I am in between big projects.
having  a few strips laid out on my cutting table ready for me to sew when I am ready helps too.
I happen to have a bag or two of 1.5" strips I am always adding too and always trying to use up!  Its  true its a never ending battle to use them up, honestly though I am ok with that, why?  Because for me its all about the fabrics and being able to revisit some I no longer own but these little strips is just fun
I really do think its all about the fabrics!   Just look at that green and yellow one on the top, thats OLD its from Anita Schackerfords Pennsylvania Plain and Fancy (I think that was the name a few years back!)  love that fabric…
I just keep making nine patches and putting them in a draw someday I will have enough for a queen size quilt.

here is some inspiration I found when I went for a walk yesterday

yes its true I think we can find quilt patterns anywhere!  now I need to find some to help me use some of my 1.5" strips…. I need to get them out of the bags and into bins a job for today and finding the right pattern to use some up
any suggestions????

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pinwheel doll quilt

I just had to share this with you today, I whipped it up yesterday and am very pleased with it!
the pinwheels are 4" finished and the quilt top measures 19.5 x 27" Just in case you just want to whip one up too!
I will be donating this one to a local quilt guild that collects doll quilts to give to a charity that gives children a doll for the holidays in December.  
this is a tad bigger then they asked for but I think some little girl will just love this quilt.

Its back to reproduction fabrics this week, yeah  its been fun playing with the brights maybe next week I will pull out the piles again…..

Friday, 22 August 2014

Happy Friday! A few things to share….

Thanks Dawn for my pin cushion!  Love the fabrics and oh my it is so big and has pockets all around the edges, its just adorable.

I bought this cute tray at Barnes and Noble believe it or not!  I thought it would be great to keep my pins in, I admit this past month I have run over a pin with my rotary blade, HATE when that happens.

you can see I started another doll quilt!  hope to finish it this weekend…
these pink polka dots are just so cute glad I found that fabric in my stash, the pink floral was in the scrap basket of brights.

what else is on the cutting table this morning waiting for attention????
matched up scraps /strips to make a few nine patches.  I find when I am in between projects and just want to sew I whip up a few nine patches for a long term project I need LOTS of nine patches!  What ever isn't made into a nine patch I then cut into 1.5 squares for my postage stamp blocks.  I think this weekend though I should make a few more postage stamp blocks  I wanted to be at 75 blocks by the end of Sept.  I could still make that goal, 7,500 squares that would be!  

hope you find some time in your sewing room this weekend!   

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My baby quilt is done!  It was fun to make and I still just love this fabric.  I was sorry I didn't have enough to use for the borders but I will bind it in this pink.   I am considering having it quilted in pink thread to liven up those white borders!  mine is 36" square.  
Here is the pattern I used Slice by Miss Rosie Quilt Co.
If you like antique quilts like I do your going to LOVE this new book by Laundry Basket Quilts
A Handful of Scraps, 36 antique quilt pictures some are from her own collection and others are from museums in MIchigan. 15 patterns in the book
All I can say is WOW  I will be making this quilt , here's a sneak peak I am sure you can find other pictures on her website of the other quilts in the book….be prepared to be wowed!
hard to take pictures of books but I am sure you get the idea!!!!
hope you find time in your sewing room this week….
need some inspiration?
A store window I passed yesterday… can bet one of these will be made into a little quilt this week….its a TILE store, it really is. Do you think someone is telling me get back in your sewing room and get sewing????

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I whipped up another little doll quilt yesterday.  There is a quilt guild that collects doll quilts to give to a charity that gives children a doll for the holidays in December.  I hope to be able to donate a few little quilts to such a worthy cause.

I pulled fabric last night to whip up another little quilt, this is a treasured piece of pink fabric from Moda, its probably a few years old :)   Of course I had to make one block and am happy with it.
a fun trick is shown in the pattern to whip up these blocks easily…
The pattern actually has 3 different patterns in it I will be making the one on the right for now with the grey background.  Its called Slice , Little Bites patterns by Miss Rosie Quilt company.  I just love how easy these patterns are written and easy to follow.
cute isn't it?

I spent a few days in Boston this week, again, and I kept finding quilt patterns everywhere I looked, I think I was really missing my sewing room….

think a brick quilt  will be made soon and look at the windows all I kept seeing was nine patches :)
love the green roof !

Hope you find time in your sewing room this week….
will be catching up with my blog reading over the next day or two.
as always thanks for your visits and your comments.